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Inter-Regional Budocenter Sangen


Black belts of our Inter-regional Budocenter:

7 Dan (shichidan):
Shihan Sergey Yuriev / Ju-Jitsu / Kobudo / Aikido / Aiki-Jiujitsu
4 Dan (yodan):
Sensei Luca Narducci / Combat Ju-Jitsu
3 Dan (sandan):
Sensei Kirill Fomichev / Ju-Jitsu / Kobudo / Aikido
2 Dan (nidan):
Sensei Denis Shlykov / Ju-Jitsu
Sensei Evgeni Belyaev / Ju-Jitsu
Sensei Vasili Aristov / Aikido
Sensei Gennady Kravchuk / Ju-Jitsu / Aikido
Sensei Piter Mahnuk / Aikido
Sensei Diana Dmitrieva / Aikido / Kobudo
Sensei Andrey Sorokin / Ju-Jitsu / Aikido
Sensei Mihail Suizov / Aikido
1 Dan (shodan):
Sensei Vadim Morgunov / Aikido
Sensei Alexey Naumchuk / Aikido
Sensei Inna Efimova / Aikido
Sensei Sergey Chuev / Aikido
Sensei Stepan Kuharski / Aikido
Sensei Sergey Voronin / Aikido
Sensei Dmitry Surkov / Aikido
Sensei Rustam Abdulin / Ju-Jitsu
Sensei Nikolai Kuptsov / Ju-Jitsu
Sensei Igor Ivanov / Aikido





Inter-regional Budocenter 



was founded in September, 1999.

The basic directions of the club activity: Ju-Jitsu, Aikido Aikikai, Kobudo.

The Budocenter "SANGEN" cooperates with a number of the Russian and international organizations and is included into: Russian Union of Martial Arts , International Euro-Asian Aikido Foundation, WASCA, Kobudo Federation of St.-Petersburg and the number of others.

Our Budocenter "SANGEN" holds annual Ju-jitsu and Aikido seminars with participation of the Russian and foreign masters.

Diplomated masters with the grades of the instructors' international courses work in the club. They constantly improve their professional skill during Russian and international training seminars.

The president and the chief-instructor of the Budocenter: Shihan Sergey Yuriev 6 Dan Ju-Jitsu, 5 Dan Kobudo, 4 Dan Aikido Aikikai, 3 Dan Mizunokokoro system, 3 Dan Aik-Jutsu, Instructor of the International category, International Master Martial Arts

Our Budocenter unites people of the most various ages - from 4 years children to those who are overЕ :).
For the club operating time there were prepared and certified more than ten black belts in various kinds of martial arts.

Has representation in Russia, Italy, UK.

In 2010, Budocenter "SANGEN" was named an associate member and official representative in Russia of the World Academy of Sports and Cultural Associations W.A.S.C.A.

In 2014, Budocenter "SANGEN" was named an associate member and official representative in Russia of the World Ju-Jitsu Alliance WJJA.